Dra-ghost's Commissions

Before You Commission:

  • Prices are non-negotiable. I accept payments through Paypal only, unless another payment method can be discussed, but I will not accept any form of cryptocurrency payment.

  • I do not consent to my art being redistributed commercially, being edited, traced, or reposted. I will not, nor will I ever allow my art to be used for N/F/Ts. Please do not attempt to circumvent this.

  • If you are disrespectful, or hateful in any way, I have the right to deny your commission. I can also deny your commission for personal reasons.

  • If you are commissioning someone else’s original character, I ask that you show proof of permission.

  • I will most likely post the commission to my social medias. If you’re going to commission me, please be okay with this.

  • I require half payment up front when I share the rough sketch (Unless you are commissioning the rough sketch, in which I require half the payment beforehand.) Please request for any changes when I do this, as once I begin lining, I will not edit the posing further.

  • I require the other half of the payment when the artwork is complete, and I will send you a heavily watermarked version of the piece. Once I have been paid in full, I will send the clean version. Do not remove my signature from the artwork.

  • Refunds are only available during the sketch phase. If you need to cancel, do so during that time, but I will still require payment equal to the amount of work I put in.

  • Feel free to ask any questions you need to, I will do my best to work with you.

  • I require 1-2 weeks time to finish the piece. I may finish sooner, but it gives me plenty of time to give you a quality art piece.

Can DrawWon't Draw
-Furry (Feral & Anthro) & Monsters-N/S/F/W (Includes Heavy Gore)
-Simple Robots/Mecha-N/F/Ts
-Minor Gore/Blood-Fetishistic Art
-Simple (Non-realistic) Humans-Political or Hateful Art
-Simple Backgrounds-Complex or Realistic Humans/Robots/Mechas/BGs


Deltarune belongs to Toby Fox, Pokemon belongs to Nintendo. I do not claim ownership of these characters. Deltahub!Kris, and Tea-rabyte (top images) belong to @the_deltahub on Twitter. For more art examples, please check out my social medias.

Type:SketchLineFlat ColorShaded
Half Body$10$15$20$25
Full Body$15$20$25$30

Simple BGs are $5 extra, Extra Character(s) are half of the type of art you're commissioning (per character). For pricing that lands on an odd number, round up. Example: An Icon/Bust sketch is $5, adding an extra character would be $3 more, $8 in total.

Ways to contact me:

Payment Info: